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Food Science Institute

Food Science Undergraduate Curriculum Options

To obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science, students must take at least 120 hours of course credits. Students must meet K-State's General Education Requirements.

Choose from these options below. Students can switch from one to the other with counsel from their advisor.

Science option

The science option emphasizes the basic sciences and prepares you for technical jobs, product development, and graduate school. Generally, students are required to take an additional 3 hours of Quantitative Studies, and 10 more hours of Physical Sciences. The science option curriculum interfaces well with Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Medicine requirements.


Food Business and Operations Management (Business) option

Students in the business option must minor in business, agribusiness, or agricultural economics as they prepare for management and other opportunities in the food industry. Generally, the minor is 15 hours of selected business-related courses.


Food Industry and Technology option

The Industry and Technology option emphasizes basic science and prepares students for jobs in quality assurance, research, and product development. This option is designed for students in the online Bachelor Degree Completion Program. This option does not meet Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree requirements. Students interested in the Pre-Medicine and the Pre-Veterinary Medicine degree should choose the campus-based Science option.


Minor in Food Science

Students in curricula containing several science courses may choose to minor in food science and industry to expand their expertise and marketability. Scheduling the 15 hours required for a minor is easy with prior planning.

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