Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

K-State's interdepartmental Food Science graduate program offers a Ph.D. degree on campus only.

For those applying to the PhD program, a Masters of Science degree is required!

The student's supervisory committee will resolve course deficiencies. Certain programs within food science may require additional courses. When the student's committee believes it necessary, the student will be required to take additional undergraduate courses to prepare more completely for the individual program.

Note that to transfer credits from another institution a minimum grade of B is required for the course(s).

K-State follows the standard grading system and only courses where grades of A, B, and C are obtained count as graduate credit (D and F grades do not).

Doctorate (Ph.D.) Degree requirements

  • A minimum of 90 semester hours is required.
  • A dissertation representing at least 30 hours of research credit.
  • A M.S. degree is required prior to acceptance in the Ph.D. program.
  • Students who hold a master's degree may transfer up to 30 hours of that degree toward a Ph.D.
  • Of the 24 to 30 hours of course work credit hours beyond the master's degree normally required by the supervisory committee, 15 credit hours should be at the 800-level or above, in addition to doctoral research credit hours.
  • There is no foreign language requirement.

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are level 500 and above.

Graduate Course Catalog


Dr. J. Scott SmithVisit with Dr. Smith!

Dr. J. Scott Smith is our Graduate program chair.

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