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Graduate Certificate

January 5, 2011 - Currently, we are not accepting applications for the Food Science Graduate Certificate.

A Food Science graduate certificate requires the completion of 20 semester hours of graduate level courses. Up to 6 hours of graduate credit directly relating to food science can be transfer credit. A bachelor's degree is required for entry into the program and the program requirements and application procedures are the same as for the on-campus graduate program. Please refer to the Kansas State University Graduate School Handbook for policies and procedures. Courses taken for undergraduate credit cannot count for graduate credit. Download the Global Campus Certificate Courses information for details.

For a list and description of courses offered, see the Kansas State University Global Campus Food Science Graduate Courses listing.

For available courses by semester, description, and cost, see the Kansas State University Global Campus Course Offerings.

To help you plan your graduate program, use the Graduate Certificate Program of Study (PDF) form. This is required for all graduate students.

Other graduate courses from the food science graduate course list may be substituted with the approval of the student's advisor and the Coordinator of the Food Science Graduate Program.

Administrative Fee and Rationale

An administrative fee of $500 per term (three terms per year), from start to finish of the degree requirements, is charged in addition to the cost of courses taken. The $500 fee is paid each term regardless of the number of credit hours taken. If the fee is not paid, the student is dropped from the program and must reapply to continue.

A student enrolled in three credit hours per term (fall, spring and summer) or nine credits per year may complete the Graduate Certificate in seven terms (2.5 years). With this format of fee assessment, students are encouraged to proceed as rapidly as possible to allow servicing the maximum number of qualified students.

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