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Food Science Institute

Student Awards & Recognition

Kansas State University Food Science students have been winners of many scholarships from the university and other food science organizations. We are proud of their outstanding achievements and congratulate them on being winners of many prestigious awards. Here are some of the winners.

  • National Awards
  • National Scholarships
  • Institute of Food Technologists Scholarships
  • Phi Tau Sigma Awards
  • K-State Scholarships and Awards
  • Gamma Sigma Delta

National Awards

K-State Product Development Team wins American Association of Cereal Chemists 2011 competition for the fourth consecutive year! The winning product is called Crunchums: A Popped Sorghum Snack! It has a Raspberry Jalapeno flavor. Congratulations!!


Crunchums team

Team members include Ashley Pruitt, Dr. Fadi Aramouni (advisor), Mark Bianchi, and Elyse Buckley (not pictured)

Congratulations to Brennan Smith, PhD Student in Food Science. Brennan took first place in the Graduate Research Competition for the New Products/Technologies Division at the 2011 Institute of Food Technologists meeting in New Orleans. Brennan's advisors are Dr. Fadi Aramouni and co-advised by Dr. Scott Bean of USDA. Congratulations Brennan!

Institute of Food Technologists Scholarships

2011-2012 Feeding Tomorrow Scholarship Recipients

Yanjie Bai - Graduate Scholarship $2,000
Lauren Brewer - Carbohydrate Division Scholarship $1,000
Jessica Briggs - Junior/Senior Scholarship $2,000
Rachel Budke - Freshman Scholarship $1,000
Kassie Curran - Dr. John and Irene Powers Scholarship $1,500
Alex Maxwell - Sophomore Scholarship $1,000
Daniel Neely - Sophomore Scholarship $1,000
Miles Pearson - Freshman Scholarship $1,000
Autumn Snesrud - Freshman Scholarship $1,000
Laura Strawn - Graduate Scholarship $2,000
Laura Beth Wiens - Junior/Senior Scholarship $2,000
Abby Works - Freshman Scholarship $1,000

KSU Scholarships and Awards