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Food Chemistry

The Food Chemistry labs are located in Call Hall. These facilities are used to determine the chemical and physical properties of food.

Food chemistry laboratories are well equipped with advanced analytical instruments such as gas chromatographs and high performance liquid chromatographs interfaced with a UV/Visible diode array detector and a fluorimeter. The laboratories are also equipped with GC-mass spectrometer combined and mass spectrometer fitted with a LC/Thermospray interface and a Hewlett-Packard mini computer. A certified laboratory is available for use of carcinogens and is equipped to run in vitro toxicity testing as well as bioluminescence assay.

Other equipment is also available for various analytical chemistry work. Proximate analyses, functional properties and shelf-life testing are routinely performed on a wide spectrum of food products.

Protein, fats, moisture, and ash are measured using the approved methods of Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC). Numerous functional properties are performed to characterize ingredients, foods, or a specific system within a food. Method modifications can be made at the request of the client.

Some of the chemical and physical testing capabilities include:

  • Brix
  • Color
  • Electrophoresis
  • Emulsions, foams and other surface properties
  • Gel properties
  • Total acidity and pH
  • Protein solubility
  • Rheology-viscosity (steady shear and dynamic measurements)
  • Texture
  • Water activity

For More Information

Dr. Smith, J. Scott<br/>
Dr. J. Scott Smith
Professor, Graduate Program Chair
Animal Sciences & Industry
208 Call Hall
1530 Mid-Campus Drive North
Phone : (785) 532-1219

Umut Yucel

Dr. Umut Yucel
Assistant Professor
Animal Sciences & Industry
207 Call Hall
1530 Mid-Campus Drive North
Phone: (785) 532-1208