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Faculty - Alphabetical Listing

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Professors Emeriti



Area of Research


Ackleson, JasonAdjunct Assistant ProfessorBorder Security and Trade Policyjackleso@k-state.edu
Alavi, SajidProfessorFood Engineering and Extrusion Processingsalavi@k-state.edu
Amamcharla, JayendraAssistant ProfessorDairy Foods, Rapid & Alternative Methods for
Dairy and Food Analysis
Aramouni, FadiProfessor, Extension SpecialistProduct Development and Quality Assurancearamouni@k-state.edu
Beyer, ScottAssociate ProfessorNutritional Comp. of Poultry, Meat, and Eggssbeyer@k-state.edu
Boone, Kristina M.Professor, Department HeadCommunicationskboone@k-state.edu
Boyle, Elizabeth A.E.Professor, Extension SpecialistMeat Prod. Develop., Quality, Safety, HACCPlboyle@k-state.edu
Chambers, DeloresProfessorSensory Analysis and Food Marketingdelores@k-state.edu
Chambers IV, EdgarProfessorSensory Analysis, Product Developmenteciv@k-state.edu
Cooksey, KayAdjunct ProfessorFood Packagingkcookse@k-state.edu
Dogan, HulyaAssociate ProfessorFood Processing and Engineeringdogan@k-state.edu
Drouillard, James S.ProfessorPre-Harvest Food Safetyjdrouill@k-state.edu
Ellis, JasonAssociate ProfessorFood Safety, Communicationjdellis@k-state.edu
Erickson, Larry E.ProfessorBiochemical Engineering and Food Engineeringlerick@k-state.edu
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Faubion, JonProfessorCereal Chemistry, Ingredient & Component Functionalityjfaubion@k-state.edu
Fox, John A. (Sean)ProfessorConsumer Economicsseanfox@k-state.edu
Getty, Kelly J.K.Associate ProfessorFood Safety, Meat Processing and HACCPkgetty@k-state.edu
Gragg, Sara Assistant ProfessorFood Microbiologysaragragg@k-state.edu
Haub, MarkAssociate Professor, Department Head, Department of Human NutritionNutrient Composition of Foods and Functional Foodshaub@k-state.edu
Houser, TerryAssociate ProfessorChemical and Physical Characteristics of Meathouser@k-state.edu
Hussain, FarisTeaching Associate hfaris@k-state.edu
Hutchinson, ShawnAssociate ProfessorGeospatial Analysis and Applicationsshutch@k-state.edu
Jones, CassandraAssistant ProfessorAnimal Feed Safety, Livestock Feed Manufacturingjonesc@k-state.edu
Jones, MarlenaAdjunct InstructorFlavor Chemistrywsjmb@centurytel.net
Kastner, JustinAssociate ProfessorHistorical Studies of Border Security, Policy, Food Safetyjkastner@k-state.edu
Koppel, KadriAssistant ProfessorSensory Analysiskadri@k-state.edu
Kwon, JuneheeAssociate ProfessorFood Safety Education/Trainingjkwon@k-state.edu
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Miller, RebeccaResearch Associate ProfessorQuality of Wheat, Flour and Baked Productsbeckym@k-state.edu
Nagaraja, T.G.University Distinguished ProfessorFood Safety/Antimicrobial Resistancetnagaraj@k-state.edu
Nutsch, AbbeyAssistant ProfessorInterdisciplinary Aspects of Food Safety and Securityanutsch@k-state.edu
Nwadike, LondaAssistant Professor, Extension SpecialistFood Safety Extensionlnwadike@k-state.edu
Odde, KenActing Director, Food Science Institute
Department Head, Animal Sciences & Industry
O'Quinn, TravisAssistant ProfessorFresh Meat Quality and Palatabilitytravisoquinn@k-state.edu
Peterson, Hikaru HanawaProfessorAgricultural Economicshhp@k-state.edu
Phebus, Randall K.ProfessorFood Microbiology and Toxicologyphebus@k-state.edu
Prakash, OmProfessorCereal Biochemistryomp@k-state.edu
Reeck, Gerald R.ProfessorCereal Proteins, Inhibitors, and their Genesreeck@k-state.edu
Regenstein, JoeAdjunct ProfessorKosher and Halal Food Regulationsjmr9@k-state.edu
Renter, DaveProfessorEpidemiologydgr@k-state.edu
Retzlaff, Deanna D.Assistant ProfessorFood Microbiology and Safetyretzlaff@ksu.edu
Roberts, KevinAssociate ProfessorFood Safety and HACCP
Product and Packaging Acceptability
Schmidt, Karen A.ProfessorDairy Products, Processing and Technologykschmidt@k-state.edu
Shanklin, Carol W.Professor, Dean K-State Graduate SchoolEnv. Issues Impacting Food Service Industryshanklin@k-state.edu
Shi, Yong-ChengProfessorCereal Grains Carbohydrate Specializationycshi@k-state.edu
Smith, GordonProfessor, Department Head, Grain Science & Industry, IGP Institute DirectorFood Chemistry, Food Safety FDA and USDA Regulatory Affairsglsmith@k-state.edu
Smith, J. ScottProfessorFood Chemistry and Toxicologyjsschem@k-state.edu
Sun, Xiuzhi (Susan)University Distinguished ProfessorBiomaterial Process Engineeringxss@k-state.edu
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Trinetta, ValentinaAssistant ProfessorFood Microbiology, Food Safetyvtrinetta@k-state.edu
Vadlani, PraveenProfessorBioprocessing Science & Engineering Fermentationvadlani@k-state.edu
Vipham, JessieAssistant ProfessorFood Security, Food Microbiologyjessiev@k-state.edu
Wang, Donghai ProfessorBioprocessing and Bioconversion of Agriculture Productsdwang@k-state.edu
Wang, Wiegun (George)ProfessorFunctional Foods, Dietary Calorieswwang@k-state.edu
Wetzel, David ProfessorAnalytical Chemist, Infrared Microspectroscopydwetzel@k-state.edu
Yucel, UmutAssistant ProfessorFood Chemistry, Physical Methodsyucel@k-state.edu
Zurek, LudekProfessorInsect and Microbial Interactionlzurek@k-state.edu

Professors Emeriti

NameArea of ResearchEmail
Dikeman, Michael E.Bovine Growth and Compositiondikeman@k-state.edu
Fung, Daniel Y.C.Food Microbiology and Rapid Methodsdfung@k-state.edu
Hunt, Melvin C.Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Meathhunt@k-state.edu
Kastner, Curtis L.Physical and Chemical Attributes of Meat and Meats Productsckastner@k-state.edu 
Kropf, Donald H.Meat Color, Packaging and Processingdkropf@k-state.edu
Madl, RonBioprocessing and Industrial Value Addedrmadl@k-state.edu
Marsden, James L.Food Safety and Meat Microbiology Strategiesjmarsden@k-state.edu
Oberst, Richard D. oberst@k-state.edu
Sneed, Jeannie jsneed@k-state.edu
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