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Food Science Institute

Thermal Processing Lab

pH meterThe Thermal Processing Lab is located in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering in Seaton Hall. Its mission is to educate food processors, evaluate larger-scale food formulations, and provide first-hand experience with typical processing equipment. It is also a research and teaching facility for food engineering and related disciplines.

In its role as a pilot plant, the Thermal Processing Lab offers processors an opportunity to:

  • Develop new products;
  • Test thermal processes;
  • Scale up operations; and
  • Run market test-size batches.

The Thermal Processing Lab allows operators to process their products from the raw stage through to the packaged, finished stage, and affords them a less-expensive opportunity to test their products and processing methods before making large investments. Additionally, Extension specialists are available to provide technical assistance on value-added products.

Scheduling of the Thermal Processing Lab is on a first come, first served basis. As part of K-State Research and Extension, the Lab does not compete with other processing facilities, and charges a nominal fee to partly cover the costs for processing and equipment use. Facility tours and office consultations are available.


  • Kettles (2, 3, 40 gallon)
  • Freeze dryer
  • Piston filling machine
  • Drum dryer
  • Steam blancher
  • Spray dryer
  • Steam exhauster
  • Tray dryer
  • Can seamer
  • Pulper finisher
  • Retort Lye peeler
  • Rotary batch roaster
  • Rotary popper
  • Spray enrober
  • Cold storage
  • Temperature, pH, moisture measurement
  • Jet cooking system
  • Data acquisition

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