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Food Science Institute

Food Science Institute

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Food Science Institute Connections


The Food Science Institute hosted the Kansas City Section of the Institute of Food Technologists. Dr. Bob Hutkins from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln spoke about the role of prebiotics and probiotics in maintaining gut health. Dr. Maureen Olewnik spoke about the K-State's Global Food System program.

Dr. Bob Hutkins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Bob Hutkins

Dr. Bob Hutkins

The following students were recognized as scholarship winners:

KC-IFT 2018 student scholarship

Joseph Zayas scholarshipNational Beef Packing Company students of the year

Yanting Shen, Ph.D.
Yizhou Ben Ma, M.S.
Maci Rockers, undergraduate

Karthik Sajith Babu, Ph.D. candidateBennett Uhl, Undergraduate
Danny Unruh, Graduate

We thank Dr. Sara Gragg for serving as President of KC-IFT this past year and wish incoming President-elect Julie Ruttan, alum of our program, all the best for 2018-19.