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General Information for Graduate Students

The following information answers the most frequently asked questions about procedures and requirements to enter graduate school.

Admission Categories

All new graduate students, domestic or foreign, are assigned to one of four categories upon admission:

Full standing

  • Undergraduate training essentially the same as that at Kansas State University.
  • B average or higher in junior and senior years.


  • Transcript evaluation uncertain, as is sometimes the case with international students.
  • B average or higher in junior and senior years, but some course deficiencies in undergraduate work.
  • Final transcripts indicating award of a degree not yet in hand; applicant completing degree; other criteria for full standing met.


  • Grade point average from 2.65 to 2.99 (A=4.00) in last two years.
    If work has shown a marked improvement in later semesters and there are grades of B or better in demanding courses in major and related areas, admission is considered.
  • Grade point average below 2.65 in last two years
    Admission is considered only upon documentation that the student is now qualified to do graduate work. Evidence may include: (1) satisfactory grades on a GRE Advanced Test or Miller Analogies Test; (2) satisfactory work at another graduate school; or (3) outstanding professional experience that demonstrates the ability to handle academic work in the major area.

Probationary and provisional students are advised of deficiencies and of other conditions to be met to achieve full standing. Their status is reviewed after completing 9 hours of course work at Kansas State University. Those who have earned grades of B or higher and GPAs of 3.0 or higher for the first 9 hours, exclusive of individualized study, and removed all deficiencies specified at the time of admission, will be placed in good standing.


Students who have a bachelor's degree but do not plan to work for an advanced degree may be admitted to graduate study as special students. No more than 9 credit hours earned as a special student may be applied toward an advanced degree. Special students are required to meet the same academic standards as other graduate students. Special students who later wish to work for an advanced degree must make a formal application to the appropriate department or interdepartmental program and be formally admitted by the Graduate School as a student with full standing status.

Application Procedures  – below is general information or refer to application procedures for detailed information.

Applications with all supporting materials, test scores (if required) and documents must be received by the deadlines below. Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

Application submission deadlines:

International Students

  • Fall semester is December 15.
  • Spring semester is June 15.

United States Students - Distance Education Students

  • Fall semester is April 15.
  • Spring semester is September 15.

United States Students - On-Campus

  • Fall semester is February 1.
  • Spring semester is July 1.


Detailed information


For More Information

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Elsa Toburen
Graduate Program Information
Food Science Institute
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